Pounds to Stones & Pounds Full Weight Conversion Tables

Full conversion tables for pounds to stones and pounds for conversion between US weight format and UK weight format.

lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
00st 0lb
10st 1lb
20st 2lb
30st 3lb
40st 4lb
50st 5lb
60st 6lb
70st 7lb
80st 8lb
90st 9lb
100st 10lb
110st 11lb
120st 12lb
130st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
141st 0lb
151st 1lb
161st 2lb
171st 3lb
181st 4lb
191st 5lb
201st 6lb
211st 7lb
221st 8lb
231st 9lb
241st 10lb
251st 11lb
261st 12lb
271st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
282st 0lb
292st 1lb
302st 2lb
312st 3lb
322st 4lb
332st 5lb
342st 6lb
352st 7lb
362st 8lb
372st 9lb
382st 10lb
392st 11lb
402st 12lb
412st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
423st 0lb
433st 1lb
443st 2lb
453st 3lb
463st 4lb
473st 5lb
483st 6lb
493st 7lb
503st 8lb
513st 9lb
523st 10lb
533st 11lb
543st 12lb
553st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
564st 0lb
574st 1lb
584st 2lb
594st 3lb
604st 4lb
614st 5lb
624st 6lb
634st 7lb
644st 8lb
654st 9lb
664st 10lb
674st 11lb
684st 12lb
694st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
705st 0lb
715st 1lb
725st 2lb
735st 3lb
745st 4lb
755st 5lb
765st 6lb
775st 7lb
785st 8lb
795st 9lb
805st 10lb
815st 11lb
825st 12lb
835st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
846st 0lb
856st 1lb
866st 2lb
876st 3lb
886st 4lb
896st 5lb
906st 6lb
916st 7lb
926st 8lb
936st 9lb
946st 10lb
956st 11lb
966st 12lb
976st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
987st 0lb
997st 1lb
1007st 2lb
1017st 3lb
1027st 4lb
1037st 5lb
1047st 6lb
1057st 7lb
1067st 8lb
1077st 9lb
1087st 10lb
1097st 11lb
1107st 12lb
1117st 13lb