Pounds to Stones & Pounds Full Weight Conversion Tables

Full conversion tables for pounds to stones and pounds for conversion between US weight format and UK weight format.

lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
22416st 0lb
22516st 1lb
22616st 2lb
22716st 3lb
22816st 4lb
22916st 5lb
23016st 6lb
23116st 7lb
23216st 8lb
23316st 9lb
23416st 10lb
23516st 11lb
23616st 12lb
23716st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
23817st 0lb
23917st 1lb
24017st 2lb
24117st 3lb
24217st 4lb
24317st 5lb
24417st 6lb
24517st 7lb
24617st 8lb
24717st 9lb
24817st 10lb
24917st 11lb
25017st 12lb
25117st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
25218st 0lb
25318st 1lb
25418st 2lb
25518st 3lb
25618st 4lb
25718st 5lb
25818st 6lb
25918st 7lb
26018st 8lb
26118st 9lb
26218st 10lb
26318st 11lb
26418st 12lb
26518st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
26619st 0lb
26719st 1lb
26819st 2lb
26919st 3lb
27019st 4lb
27119st 5lb
27219st 6lb
27319st 7lb
27419st 8lb
27519st 9lb
27619st 10lb
27719st 11lb
27819st 12lb
27919st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
28020st 0lb
28120st 1lb
28220st 2lb
28320st 3lb
28420st 4lb
28520st 5lb
28620st 6lb
28720st 7lb
28820st 8lb
28920st 9lb
29020st 10lb
29120st 11lb
29220st 12lb
29320st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
29421st 0lb
29521st 1lb
29621st 2lb
29721st 3lb
29821st 4lb
29921st 5lb
30021st 6lb
30121st 7lb
30221st 8lb
30321st 9lb
30421st 10lb
30521st 11lb
30621st 12lb
30721st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
30822st 0lb
30922st 1lb
31022st 2lb
31122st 3lb
31222st 4lb
31322st 5lb
31422st 6lb
31522st 7lb
31622st 8lb
31722st 9lb
31822st 10lb
31922st 11lb
32022st 12lb
32122st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
32223st 0lb
32323st 1lb
32423st 2lb
32523st 3lb
32623st 4lb
32723st 5lb
32823st 6lb
32923st 7lb
33023st 8lb
33123st 9lb
33223st 10lb
33323st 11lb
33423st 12lb
33523st 13lb