Pounds to Stones & Pounds Full Weight Conversion Tables

Full conversion tables for pounds to stones and pounds for conversion between US weight format and UK weight format.

lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
1128st 0lb
1138st 1lb
1148st 2lb
1158st 3lb
1168st 4lb
1178st 5lb
1188st 6lb
1198st 7lb
1208st 8lb
1218st 9lb
1228st 10lb
1238st 11lb
1248st 12lb
1258st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
1269st 0lb
1279st 1lb
1289st 2lb
1299st 3lb
1309st 4lb
1319st 5lb
1329st 6lb
1339st 7lb
1349st 8lb
1359st 9lb
1369st 10lb
1379st 11lb
1389st 12lb
1399st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
14010st 0lb
14110st 1lb
14210st 2lb
14310st 3lb
14410st 4lb
14510st 5lb
14610st 6lb
14710st 7lb
14810st 8lb
14910st 9lb
15010st 10lb
15110st 11lb
15210st 12lb
15310st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
15411st 0lb
15511st 1lb
15611st 2lb
15711st 3lb
15811st 4lb
15911st 5lb
16011st 6lb
16111st 7lb
16211st 8lb
16311st 9lb
16411st 10lb
16511st 11lb
16611st 12lb
16711st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
16812st 0lb
16912st 1lb
17012st 2lb
17112st 3lb
17212st 4lb
17312st 5lb
17412st 6lb
17512st 7lb
17612st 8lb
17712st 9lb
17812st 10lb
17912st 11lb
18012st 12lb
18112st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
18213st 0lb
18313st 1lb
18413st 2lb
18513st 3lb
18613st 4lb
18713st 5lb
18813st 6lb
18913st 7lb
19013st 8lb
19113st 9lb
19213st 10lb
19313st 11lb
19413st 12lb
19513st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
19614st 0lb
19714st 1lb
19814st 2lb
19914st 3lb
20014st 4lb
20114st 5lb
20214st 6lb
20314st 7lb
20414st 8lb
20514st 9lb
20614st 10lb
20714st 11lb
20814st 12lb
20914st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
21015st 0lb
21115st 1lb
21215st 2lb
21315st 3lb
21415st 4lb
21515st 5lb
21615st 6lb
21715st 7lb
21815st 8lb
21915st 9lb
22015st 10lb
22115st 11lb
22215st 12lb
22315st 13lb