Full Weight Conversion Tables: 0 - 8 Pounds

Full conversion tables for pounds and ounces to grams conversion for newborn infant and baby weights.

lb & ozgoz
0lb 1oz281
0lb 2oz572
0lb 3oz853
0lb 4oz1134
0lb 5oz1425
0lb 6oz1706
0lb 7oz1987
0lb 8oz2278
0lb 9oz2559
0lb 10oz28310
0lb 11oz31211
0lb 12oz34012
0lb 13oz36913
0lb 14oz39714
0lb 15oz42515
1lb 0oz45416
1lb 1oz48217
1lb 2oz51018
1lb 3oz53919
1lb 4oz56720
lb & ozgoz
1lb 5oz59521
1lb 6oz62422
1lb 7oz65223
1lb 8oz68024
1lb 9oz70925
1lb 10oz73726
1lb 11oz76527
1lb 12oz79428
1lb 13oz82229
1lb 14oz85030
1lb 15oz87931
2lb 0oz90732
2lb 1oz93633
2lb 2oz96434
2lb 3oz99235
2lb 4oz1,02136
2lb 5oz1,04937
2lb 6oz1,07738
2lb 7oz1,10639
2lb 8oz1,13440
lb & ozgoz
2lb 9oz1,16241
2lb 10oz1,19142
2lb 11oz1,21943
2lb 12oz1,24744
2lb 13oz1,27645
2lb 14oz1,30446
2lb 15oz1,33247
3lb 0oz1,36148
3lb 1oz1,38949
3lb 2oz1,41750
3lb 3oz1,44651
3lb 4oz1,47452
3lb 5oz1,50353
3lb 6oz1,53154
3lb 7oz1,55955
3lb 8oz1,58856
3lb 9oz1,61657
3lb 10oz1,64458
3lb 11oz1,67359
3lb 12oz1,70160
lb & ozgoz
3lb 13oz1,72961
3lb 14oz1,75862
3lb 15oz1,78663
4lb 0oz1,81464
4lb 1oz1,84365
4lb 2oz1,87166
4lb 3oz1,89967
4lb 4oz1,92868
4lb 5oz1,95669
4lb 6oz1,98470
4lb 7oz2,01371
4lb 8oz2,04172
4lb 9oz2,07073
4lb 10oz2,09874
4lb 11oz2,12675
4lb 12oz2,15576
4lb 13oz2,18377
4lb 14oz2,21178
4lb 15oz2,24079
5lb 0oz2,26880
lb & ozgoz
5lb 1oz2,29681
5lb 2oz2,32582
5lb 3oz2,35383
5lb 4oz2,38184
5lb 5oz2,41085
5lb 6oz2,43886
5lb 7oz2,46687
5lb 8oz2,49588
5lb 9oz2,52389
5lb 10oz2,55190
5lb 11oz2,58091
5lb 12oz2,60892
5lb 13oz2,63793
5lb 14oz2,66594
5lb 15oz2,69395
6lb 0oz2,72296
6lb 1oz2,75097
6lb 2oz2,77898
6lb 3oz2,80799
6lb 4oz2,835100
lb & ozgoz
6lb 5oz2,863101
6lb 6oz2,892102
6lb 7oz2,920103
6lb 8oz2,948104
6lb 9oz2,977105
6lb 10oz3,005106
6lb 11oz3,033107
6lb 12oz3,062108
6lb 13oz3,090109
6lb 14oz3,118110
6lb 15oz3,147111
7lb 0oz3,175112
7lb 1oz3,203113
7lb 2oz3,232114
7lb 3oz3,260115
7lb 4oz3,289116
7lb 5oz3,317117
7lb 6oz3,345118
7lb 7oz3,374119
7lb 8oz3,402120
lb & ozgoz
7lb 9oz3,430121
7lb 10oz3,459122
7lb 11oz3,487123
7lb 12oz3,515124
7lb 13oz3,544125
7lb 14oz3,572126
7lb 15oz3,600127
8lb 0oz3,629128
8lb 1oz3,657129
8lb 2oz3,685130
8lb 3oz3,714131
8lb 4oz3,742132
8lb 5oz3,770133
8lb 6oz3,799134
8lb 7oz3,827135
8lb 8oz3,856136
8lb 9oz3,884137
8lb 10oz3,912138
8lb 11oz3,941139
8lb 12oz3,969140
lb & ozgoz
8lb 13oz3,997141
8lb 14oz4,026142
8lb 15oz4,054143
9lb 0oz4,082144
9lb 1oz4,111145
9lb 2oz4,139146
9lb 3oz4,167147
9lb 4oz4,196148
9lb 5oz4,224149
9lb 6oz4,252150
9lb 7oz4,281151
9lb 8oz4,309152
9lb 9oz4,337153
9lb 10oz4,366154
9lb 11oz4,394155
9lb 12oz4,423156
9lb 13oz4,451157
9lb 14oz4,479158
9lb 15oz4,508159
10lb 0oz4,536160