Full Weight Conversion Tables: 0 - 8 Stone

Full conversion tables for stones and pounds to kilograms conversion, values are also given in pounds for conversion to US style weights

st & lbkglbs
0st 0lb0.00
0st 1lb0.51
0st 2lb0.92
0st 3lb1.43
0st 4lb1.84
0st 5lb2.35
0st 6lb2.76
0st 7lb3.27
0st 8lb3.68
0st 9lb4.19
0st 10lb4.510
0st 11lb5.011
0st 12lb5.412
0st 13lb5.913
st & lbkglbs
1st 0lb6.414
1st 1lb6.815
1st 2lb7.316
1st 3lb7.717
1st 4lb8.218
1st 5lb8.619
1st 6lb9.120
1st 7lb9.521
1st 8lb10.022
1st 9lb10.423
1st 10lb10.924
1st 11lb11.325
1st 12lb11.826
1st 13lb12.227
st & lbkglbs
2st 0lb12.728
2st 1lb13.229
2st 2lb13.630
2st 3lb14.131
2st 4lb14.532
2st 5lb15.033
2st 6lb15.434
2st 7lb15.935
2st 8lb16.336
2st 9lb16.837
2st 10lb17.238
2st 11lb17.739
2st 12lb18.140
2st 13lb18.641
st & lbkglbs
3st 0lb19.142
3st 1lb19.543
3st 2lb20.044
3st 3lb20.445
3st 4lb20.946
3st 5lb21.347
3st 6lb21.848
3st 7lb22.249
3st 8lb22.750
3st 9lb23.151
3st 10lb23.652
3st 11lb24.053
3st 12lb24.554
3st 13lb24.955
st & lbkglbs
4st 0lb25.456
4st 1lb25.957
4st 2lb26.358
4st 3lb26.859
4st 4lb27.260
4st 5lb27.761
4st 6lb28.162
4st 7lb28.663
4st 8lb29.064
4st 9lb29.565
4st 10lb29.966
4st 11lb30.467
4st 12lb30.868
4st 13lb31.369
st & lbkglbs
5st 0lb31.870
5st 1lb32.271
5st 2lb32.772
5st 3lb33.173
5st 4lb33.674
5st 5lb34.075
5st 6lb34.576
5st 7lb34.977
5st 8lb35.478
5st 9lb35.879
5st 10lb36.380
5st 11lb36.781
5st 12lb37.282
5st 13lb37.683
st & lbkglbs
6st 0lb38.184
6st 1lb38.685
6st 2lb39.086
6st 3lb39.587
6st 4lb39.988
6st 5lb40.489
6st 6lb40.890
6st 7lb41.391
6st 8lb41.792
6st 9lb42.293
6st 10lb42.694
6st 11lb43.195
6st 12lb43.596
6st 13lb44.097
st & lbkglbs
7st 0lb44.598
7st 1lb44.999
7st 2lb45.4100
7st 3lb45.8101
7st 4lb46.3102
7st 5lb46.7103
7st 6lb47.2104
7st 7lb47.6105
7st 8lb48.1106
7st 9lb48.5107
7st 10lb49.0108
7st 11lb49.4109
7st 12lb49.9110
7st 13lb50.3111