Full Weight Conversion Tables: 0 - 1600 Grams

Full conversion tables for grams to pounds and ounces for conversions of weights for newborn infants and babies.

glb & ozoz
100lb 0.4oz0.4
200lb 0.7oz0.7
300lb 1.1oz1.1
400lb 1.4oz1.4
500lb 1.8oz1.8
600lb 2.1oz2.1
700lb 2.5oz2.5
800lb 2.8oz2.8
900lb 3.2oz3.2
1000lb 3.5oz3.5
1100lb 3.9oz3.9
1200lb 4.2oz4.2
1300lb 4.6oz4.6
1400lb 4.9oz4.9
1500lb 5.3oz5.3
1600lb 5.6oz5.6
1700lb 6.0oz6.0
1800lb 6.3oz6.3
1900lb 6.7oz6.7
2000lb 7.1oz7.1
glb & ozoz
2100lb 7.4oz7.4
2200lb 7.8oz7.8
2300lb 8.1oz8.1
2400lb 8.5oz8.5
2500lb 8.8oz8.8
2600lb 9.2oz9.2
2700lb 9.5oz9.5
2800lb 9.9oz9.9
2900lb 10.2oz10.2
3000lb 10.6oz10.6
3100lb 10.9oz10.9
3200lb 11.3oz11.3
3300lb 11.6oz11.6
3400lb 12.0oz12.0
3500lb 12.3oz12.3
3600lb 12.7oz12.7
3700lb 13.1oz13.1
3800lb 13.4oz13.4
3900lb 13.8oz13.8
4000lb 14.1oz14.1
glb & ozoz
4100lb 14.5oz14.5
4200lb 14.8oz14.8
4300lb 15.2oz15.2
4400lb 15.5oz15.5
4500lb 15.9oz15.9
4601lb 0.2oz16.2
4701lb 0.6oz16.6
4801lb 0.9oz16.9
4901lb 1.3oz17.3
5001lb 1.6oz17.6
5101lb 2.0oz18.0
5201lb 2.3oz18.3
5301lb 2.7oz18.7
5401lb 3.0oz19.0
5501lb 3.4oz19.4
5601lb 3.8oz19.8
5701lb 4.1oz20.1
5801lb 4.5oz20.5
5901lb 4.8oz20.8
6001lb 5.2oz21.2
glb & ozoz
6101lb 5.5oz21.5
6201lb 5.9oz21.9
6301lb 6.2oz22.2
6401lb 6.6oz22.6
6501lb 6.9oz22.9
6601lb 7.3oz23.3
6701lb 7.6oz23.6
6801lb 8.0oz24.0
6901lb 8.3oz24.3
7001lb 8.7oz24.7
7101lb 9.0oz25.0
7201lb 9.4oz25.4
7301lb 9.7oz25.7
7401lb 10.1oz26.1
7501lb 10.5oz26.5
7601lb 10.8oz26.8
7701lb 11.2oz27.2
7801lb 11.5oz27.5
7901lb 11.9oz27.9
8001lb 12.2oz28.2
glb & ozoz
8101lb 12.6oz28.6
8201lb 12.9oz28.9
8301lb 13.3oz29.3
8401lb 13.6oz29.6
8501lb 14.0oz30.0
8601lb 14.3oz30.3
8701lb 14.7oz30.7
8801lb 15.0oz31.0
8901lb 15.4oz31.4
9001lb 15.7oz31.7
9102lb 0.1oz32.1
9202lb 0.5oz32.5
9302lb 0.8oz32.8
9402lb 1.2oz33.2
9502lb 1.5oz33.5
9602lb 1.9oz33.9
9702lb 2.2oz34.2
9802lb 2.6oz34.6
9902lb 2.9oz34.9
10002lb 3.3oz35.3
glb & ozoz
10102lb 3.6oz35.6
10202lb 4.0oz36.0
10302lb 4.3oz36.3
10402lb 4.7oz36.7
10502lb 5.0oz37.0
10602lb 5.4oz37.4
10702lb 5.7oz37.7
10802lb 6.1oz38.1
10902lb 6.4oz38.4
11002lb 6.8oz38.8
11102lb 7.2oz39.2
11202lb 7.5oz39.5
11302lb 7.9oz39.9
11402lb 8.2oz40.2
11502lb 8.6oz40.6
11602lb 8.9oz40.9
11702lb 9.3oz41.3
11802lb 9.6oz41.6
11902lb 10.0oz42.0
12002lb 10.3oz42.3
glb & ozoz
12102lb 10.7oz42.7
12202lb 11.0oz43.0
12302lb 11.4oz43.4
12402lb 11.7oz43.7
12502lb 12.1oz44.1
12602lb 12.4oz44.4
12702lb 12.8oz44.8
12802lb 13.2oz45.2
12902lb 13.5oz45.5
13002lb 13.9oz45.9
13102lb 14.2oz46.2
13202lb 14.6oz46.6
13302lb 14.9oz46.9
13402lb 15.3oz47.3
13502lb 15.6oz47.6
13602lb 16.0oz48.0
13703lb 0.3oz48.3
13803lb 0.7oz48.7
13903lb 1.0oz49.0
14003lb 1.4oz49.4
glb & ozoz
14103lb 1.7oz49.7
14203lb 2.1oz50.1
14303lb 2.4oz50.4
14403lb 2.8oz50.8
14503lb 3.1oz51.1
14603lb 3.5oz51.5
14703lb 3.9oz51.9
14803lb 4.2oz52.2
14903lb 4.6oz52.6
15003lb 4.9oz52.9
15103lb 5.3oz53.3
15203lb 5.6oz53.6
15303lb 6.0oz54.0
15403lb 6.3oz54.3
15503lb 6.7oz54.7
15603lb 7.0oz55.0
15703lb 7.4oz55.4
15803lb 7.7oz55.7
15903lb 8.1oz56.1
16003lb 8.4oz56.4