Pounds to Stones & Pounds Full Weight Conversion Tables

Full conversion tables for pounds to stones and pounds for conversion between US weight format and UK weight format.

lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
33624st 0lb
33724st 1lb
33824st 2lb
33924st 3lb
34024st 4lb
34124st 5lb
34224st 6lb
34324st 7lb
34424st 8lb
34524st 9lb
34624st 10lb
34724st 11lb
34824st 12lb
34924st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
35025st 0lb
35125st 1lb
35225st 2lb
35325st 3lb
35425st 4lb
35525st 5lb
35625st 6lb
35725st 7lb
35825st 8lb
35925st 9lb
36025st 10lb
36125st 11lb
36225st 12lb
36325st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
36426st 0lb
36526st 1lb
36626st 2lb
36726st 3lb
36826st 4lb
36926st 5lb
37026st 6lb
37126st 7lb
37226st 8lb
37326st 9lb
37426st 10lb
37526st 11lb
37626st 12lb
37726st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
37827st 0lb
37927st 1lb
38027st 2lb
38127st 3lb
38227st 4lb
38327st 5lb
38427st 6lb
38527st 7lb
38627st 8lb
38727st 9lb
38827st 10lb
38927st 11lb
39027st 12lb
39127st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
39228st 0lb
39328st 1lb
39428st 2lb
39528st 3lb
39628st 4lb
39728st 5lb
39828st 6lb
39928st 7lb
40028st 8lb
40128st 9lb
40228st 10lb
40328st 11lb
40428st 12lb
40528st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
40629st 0lb
40729st 1lb
40829st 2lb
40929st 3lb
41029st 4lb
41129st 5lb
41229st 6lb
41329st 7lb
41429st 8lb
41529st 9lb
41629st 10lb
41729st 11lb
41829st 12lb
41929st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
42030st 0lb
42130st 1lb
42230st 2lb
42330st 3lb
42430st 4lb
42530st 5lb
42630st 6lb
42730st 7lb
42830st 8lb
42930st 9lb
43030st 10lb
43130st 11lb
43230st 12lb
43330st 13lb
lbs (US)st & lb (UK)
43431st 0lb
43531st 1lb
43631st 2lb
43731st 3lb
43831st 4lb
43931st 5lb
44031st 6lb
44131st 7lb
44231st 8lb
44331st 9lb
44431st 10lb
44531st 11lb
44631st 12lb
44731st 13lb