Full Weight Conversion Tables: 24 - 32 Stone

Full weight conversion tables for stones and pounds to kilograms conversion, values are also given in pounds for conversion to US style weights

st & lbkglbs
24st 0lb152.4336
24st 1lb159.9337
24st 2lb153.3338
24st 3lb153.8339
24st 4lb154.2340
24st 5lb154.7341
24st 6lb155.1342
24st 7lb155.6343
24st 8lb156.0344
24st 9lb156.5345
24st 10lb156.9346
24st 11lb157.4347
24st 12lb157.9348
24st 13lb158.3349
st & lbkglbs
25st 0lb158.8350
25st 1lb159.2351
25st 2lb159.7352
25st 3lb160.1353
25st 4lb160.6354
25st 5lb161.0355
25st 6lb161.5356
25st 7lb161.9357
25st 8lb162.4358
25st 9lb162.8359
25st 10lb163.3360
25st 11lb163.7361
25st 12lb164.2362
25st 13lb164.7363
st & lbkglbs
26st 0lb165.1364
26st 1lb165.6365
26st 2lb166.0366
26st 3lb166.5367
26st 4lb166.9368
26st 5lb167.4369
26st 6lb167.8370
26st 7lb168.3371
26st 8lb168.7372
26st 9lb169.2373
26st 10lb169.6374
26st 11lb170.1375
26st 12lb170.6376
26st 13lb171.0377
st & lbkglbs
27st 0lb171.5378
27st 1lb171.9379
27st 2lb172.4380
27st 3lb172.8381
27st 4lb173.3382
27st 5lb173.7383
27st 6lb174.2384
27st 7lb174.6385
27st 8lb175.1386
27st 9lb175.5387
27st 10lb176.0388
27st 11lb176.4389
27st 12lb176.9390
27st 13lb177.4391
st & lbkglbs
28st 0lb177.8392
28st 1lb178.3393
28st 2lb178.7394
28st 3lb179.2395
28st 4lb179.6396
28st 5lb180.1397
28st 6lb180.5398
28st 7lb181.0399
28st 8lb181.4400
28st 9lb181.9401
28st 10lb182.3402
28st 11lb182.8403
28st 12lb183.3404
28st 13lb183.7405
st & lbkglbs
29st 0lb184.2406
29st 1lb184.6407
29st 2lb185.1408
29st 3lb185.5409
29st 4lb186.0410
29st 5lb186.4411
29st 6lb186.9412
29st 7lb187.3413
29st 8lb187.8414
29st 9lb188.2415
29st 10lb188.7416
29st 11lb189.1417
29st 12lb189.6418
29st 13lb190.1419
st & lbkglbs
30st 0lb190.5420
30st 1lb191.0421
30st 2lb191.4422
30st 3lb191.9423
30st 4lb192.3424
30st 5lb192.8425
30st 6lb193.2426
30st 7lb193.7427
30st 8lb194.1428
30st 9lb194.6429
30st 10lb195.0430
30st 11lb195.5431
30st 12lb196.0432
30st 13lb196.4433
st & lbkglbs
31st 0lb196.9434
31st 1lb197.3435
31st 2lb197.8436
31st 3lb198.2437
31st 4lb198.7438
31st 5lb199.1439
31st 6lb199.6440
31st 7lb200.0441
31st 8lb200.5442
31st 9lb200.9443
31st 10lb201.4444
31st 11lb201.8445
31st 12lb202.3446
31st 13lb202.8447