Full Weight Conversion Tables: 0 - 80 Kilograms

Full conversion tables for kilograms to stones and pounds conversion, values are also given in pounds for conversion to US style weights

kgst & lblbs
0.50st 1.1lb1.1
10st 2.2lb2.2
1.50st 3.3lb3.3
20st 4.4lb4.4
2.50st 5.5lb5.5
30st 6.6lb6.6
3.50st 7.7lb7.7
40st 8.8lb8.8
4.50st 9.9lb9.9
50st 11.0lb11.0
5.50st 12.1lb12.1
60st 13.2lb13.2
6.51st 0.3lb14.3
71st 1.4lb15.4
7.51st 2.5lb16.5
81st 3.6lb17.6
8.51st 4.7lb18.7
91st 5.8lb19.8
9.51st 6.9lb20.9
101st 8.0lb22.0
kgst & lblbs
10.51st 9.1lb23.1
111st 10.3lb24.3
11.51st 11.4lb25.4
121st 12.5lb26.5
12.51st 13.6lb27.6
132st 0.7lb28.7
13.52st 1.8lb29.8
142st 2.9lb30.9
14.52st 4.0lb32.0
152st 5.1lb33.1
15.52st 6.2lb34.2
162st 7.3lb35.3
16.52st 8.4lb36.4
172st 9.5lb37.5
17.52st 10.6lb38.6
182st 11.7lb39.7
18.52st 12.8lb40.8
192st 13.9lb41.9
19.53st 1.0lb43.0
203st 2.1lb44.1
kgst & lblbs
20.53st 3.2lb45.2
213st 4.3lb46.3
21.53st 5.4lb47.4
223st 6.5lb48.5
22.53st 7.6lb49.6
233st 8.7lb50.7
23.53st 9.8lb51.8
243st 10.9lb52.9
24.53st 12.0lb54.0
253st 13.1lb55.1
25.54st 0.2lb56.2
264st 1.3lb57.3
26.54st 2.4lb58.4
274st 3.5lb59.5
27.54st 4.6lb60.6
284st 5.7lb61.7
28.54st 6.8lb62.8
294st 7.9lb63.9
29.54st 9.0lb65.0
304st 10.1lb66.1
kgst & lblbs
30.54st 11.2lb67.2
314st 12.3lb68.3
31.54st 13.4lb69.4
325st 0.5lb70.5
32.55st 1.7lb71.7
335st 2.8lb72.8
33.55st 3.9lb73.9
345st 5.0lb75.0
34.55st 6.1lb76.1
355st 7.2lb77.2
35.55st 8.3lb78.3
365st 9.4lb79.4
36.55st 10.5lb80.5
375st 11.6lb81.6
37.55st 12.7lb82.7
385st 13.8lb83.8
38.56st 0.9lb84.9
396st 2.0lb86.0
39.56st 3.1lb87.1
406st 4.2lb88.2
kgst & lblbs
40.56st 5.3lb89.3
416st 6.4lb90.4
41.56st 7.5lb91.5
426st 8.6lb92.6
42.56st 9.7lb93.7
436st 10.8lb94.8
43.56st 11.9lb95.9
446st 13.0lb97.0
44.57st 0.1lb98.1
457st 1.2lb99.2
45.57st 2.3lb100.3
467st 3.4lb101.4
46.57st 4.5lb102.5
477st 5.6lb103.6
47.57st 6.7lb104.7
487st 7.8lb105.8
48.57st 8.9lb106.9
497st 10.0lb108.0
49.57st 11.1lb109.1
507st 12.2lb110.2
kgst & lblbs
50.57st 13.3lb111.3
518st 0.4lb112.4
51.58st 1.5lb113.5
528st 2.6lb114.6
52.58st 3.7lb115.7
538st 4.8lb116.8
53.58st 5.9lb117.9
548st 7.0lb119.0
54.58st 8.2lb120.2
558st 9.3lb121.3
55.58st 10.4lb122.4
568st 11.5lb123.5
56.58st 12.6lb124.6
578st 13.7lb125.7
57.59st 0.8lb126.8
589st 1.9lb127.9
58.59st 3.0lb129.0
599st 4.1lb130.1
59.59st 5.2lb131.2
609st 6.3lb132.3
kgst & lblbs
60.59st 7.4lb133.4
619st 8.5lb134.5
61.59st 9.6lb135.6
629st 10.7lb136.7
62.59st 11.8lb137.8
639st 12.9lb138.9
63.59st 14.0lb140.0
6410st 1.1lb141.1
64.510st 2.2lb142.2
6510st 3.3lb143.3
65.510st 4.4lb144.4
6610st 5.5lb145.5
66.510st 6.6lb146.6
6710st 7.7lb147.7
67.510st 8.8lb148.8
6810st 9.9lb149.9
68.510st 11.0lb151.0
6910st 12.1lb152.1
69.510st 13.2lb153.2
7011st 0.3lb154.3
kgst & lblbs
70.511st 1.4lb155.4
7111st 2.5lb156.5
71.511st 3.6lb157.6
7211st 4.7lb158.7
72.511st 5.8lb159.8
7311st 6.9lb160.9
73.511st 8.0lb162.0
7411st 9.1lb163.1
74.511st 10.2lb164.2
7511st 11.3lb165.3
75.511st 12.4lb166.4
7611st 13.6lb167.6
76.512st 0.7lb168.7
7712st 1.8lb169.8
77.512st 2.9lb170.9
7812st 4.0lb172.0
78.512st 5.1lb173.1
7912st 6.2lb174.2
79.512st 7.3lb175.3
8012st 8.4lb176.4