Full Weight Conversion Tables: 80 - 160 Kilograms

Full conversion tables for kilograms to stones and pounds conversion, values are also given in pounds for conversion to US style weights

kgst & lblbs
80.512st 9.5lb177.5
8112st 10.6lb178.6
81.512st 11.7lb179.7
8212st 12.8lb180.8
82.512st 13.9lb181.9
8313st 1.0lb183.0
83.513st 2.1lb184.1
8413st 3.2lb185.2
84.513st 4.3lb186.3
8513st 5.4lb187.4
85.513st 6.5lb188.5
8613st 7.6lb189.6
86.513st 8.7lb190.7
8713st 9.8lb191.8
87.513st 10.9lb192.9
8813st 12.0lb194.0
88.513st 13.1lb195.1
8914st 0.2lb196.2
89.514st 1.3lb197.3
9014st 2.4lb198.4
kgst & lblbs
90.514st 3.5lb199.5
9114st 4.6lb200.6
91.514st 5.7lb201.7
9214st 6.8lb202.8
92.514st 7.9lb203.9
9314st 9.0lb205.0
93.514st 10.1lb206.1
9414st 11.2lb207.2
94.514st 12.3lb208.3
9514st 13.4lb209.4
95.515st 0.5lb210.5
9615st 1.6lb211.6
96.515st 2.7lb212.7
9715st 3.8lb213.8
97.515st 5.0lb215.0
9815st 6.1lb216.1
98.515st 7.2lb217.2
9915st 8.3lb218.3
99.515st 9.4lb219.4
10015st 10.5lb220.5
kgst & lblbs
100.515st 11.6lb221.6
10115st 12.7lb222.7
101.515st 13.8lb223.8
10216st 0.9lb224.9
102.516st 2.0lb226.0
10316st 3.1lb227.1
103.516st 4.2lb228.2
10416st 5.3lb229.3
104.516st 6.4lb230.4
10516st 7.5lb231.5
105.516st 8.6lb232.6
10616st 9.7lb233.7
106.516st 10.8lb234.8
10716st 11.9lb235.9
107.516st 13.0lb237.0
10817st 0.1lb238.1
108.517st 1.2lb239.2
10917st 2.3lb240.3
109.517st 3.4lb241.4
11017st 4.5lb242.5
kgst & lblbs
110.517st 5.6lb243.6
11117st 6.7lb244.7
111.517st 7.8lb245.8
11217st 8.9lb246.9
112.517st 10.0lb248.0
11317st 11.1lb249.1
113.517st 12.2lb250.2
11417st 13.3lb251.3
114.518st 0.4lb252.4
11518st 1.5lb253.5
115.518st 2.6lb254.6
11618st 3.7lb255.7
116.518st 4.8lb256.8
11718st 5.9lb257.9
117.518st 7.0lb259.0
11818st 8.1lb260.1
118.518st 9.2lb261.2
11918st 10.4lb262.4
119.518st 11.5lb263.5
12018st 12.6lb264.6
kgst & lblbs
120.518st 13.7lb265.7
12119st 0.8lb266.8
121.519st 1.9lb267.9
12219st 3.0lb269.0
122.519st 4.1lb270.1
12319st 5.2lb271.2
123.519st 6.3lb272.3
12419st 7.4lb273.4
124.519st 8.5lb274.5
12519st 9.6lb275.6
125.519st 10.7lb276.7
12619st 11.8lb277.8
126.519st 12.9lb278.9
12719st 14.0lb280.0
127.520st 1.1lb281.1
12820st 2.2lb282.2
128.520st 3.3lb283.3
12920st 4.4lb284.4
129.520st 5.5lb285.5
13020st 6.6lb286.6
kgst & lblbs
130.520st 7.7lb287.7
13120st 8.8lb288.8
131.520st 9.9lb289.9
13220st 11.0lb291.0
132.520st 12.1lb292.1
13320st 13.2lb293.2
133.521st 0.3lb294.3
13421st 1.4lb295.4
134.521st 2.5lb296.5
13521st 3.6lb297.6
135.521st 4.7lb298.7
13621st 5.8lb299.8
136.521st 6.9lb300.9
13721st 8.0lb302.0
137.521st 9.1lb303.1
13821st 10.2lb304.2
138.521st 11.3lb305.3
13921st 12.4lb306.4
139.521st 13.5lb307.5
14022st 0.6lb308.6
kgst & lblbs
140.522st 1.7lb309.7
14122st 2.9lb310.9
141.522st 4.0lb312.0
14222st 5.1lb313.1
142.522st 6.2lb314.2
14322st 7.3lb315.3
143.522st 8.4lb316.4
14422st 9.5lb317.5
144.522st 10.6lb318.6
14522st 11.7lb319.7
145.522st 12.8lb320.8
14622st 13.9lb321.9
146.523st 1.0lb323.0
14723st 2.1lb324.1
147.523st 3.2lb325.2
14823st 4.3lb326.3
148.523st 5.4lb327.4
14923st 6.5lb328.5
149.523st 7.6lb329.6
15023st 8.7lb330.7
kgst & lblbs
150.523st 9.8lb331.8
15123st 10.9lb332.9
151.523st 12.0lb334.0
15223st 13.1lb335.1
152.524st 0.2lb336.2
15324st 1.3lb337.3
153.524st 2.4lb338.4
15424st 3.5lb339.5
154.524st 4.6lb340.6
15524st 5.7lb341.7
155.524st 6.8lb342.8
15624st 7.9lb343.9
156.524st 9.0lb345.0
15724st 10.1lb346.1
157.524st 11.2lb347.2
15824st 12.3lb348.3
158.524st 13.4lb349.4
15925st 0.5lb350.5
159.525st 1.6lb351.6
16025st 2.7lb352.7