Full Weight Conversion Tables: 8 - 16 Pounds

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Full conversion tables for pounds and ounces to grams conversion for newborn infant and baby weights.

lb & ozgoz
10lb 1oz4,564161
10lb 2oz4,593162
10lb 3oz4,621163
10lb 4oz4,649164
10lb 5oz4,678165
10lb 6oz4,706166
10lb 7oz4,734167
10lb 8oz4,763168
10lb 9oz4,791169
10lb 10oz4,819170
10lb 11oz4,848171
10lb 12oz4,876172
10lb 13oz4,904173
10lb 14oz4,933174
10lb 15oz4,961175
11lb 0oz4,990176
11lb 1oz5,018177
11lb 2oz5,046178
11lb 3oz5,075179
11lb 4oz5,103180
lb & ozgoz
11lb 5oz5,131181
11lb 6oz5,160182
11lb 7oz5,188183
11lb 8oz5,216184
11lb 9oz5,245185
11lb 10oz5,273186
11lb 11oz5,301187
11lb 12oz5,330188
11lb 13oz5,358189
11lb 14oz5,386190
11lb 15oz5,415191
12lb 0oz5,443192
12lb 1oz5,471193
12lb 2oz5,500194
12lb 3oz5,528195
12lb 4oz5,557196
12lb 5oz5,585197
12lb 6oz5,613198
12lb 7oz5,642199
12lb 8oz5,670200
lb & ozgoz
12lb 9oz5,698201
12lb 10oz5,727202
12lb 11oz5,755203
12lb 12oz5,783204
12lb 13oz5,812205
12lb 14oz5,840206
12lb 15oz5,868207
13lb 0oz5,897208
13lb 1oz5,925209
13lb 2oz5,953210
13lb 3oz5,982211
13lb 4oz6,010212
13lb 5oz6,038213
13lb 6oz6,067214
13lb 7oz6,095215
13lb 8oz6,123216
13lb 9oz6,152217
13lb 10oz6,180218
13lb 11oz6,209219
13lb 12oz6,237220
lb & ozgoz
13lb 13oz6,265221
13lb 14oz6,294222
13lb 15oz6,322223
14lb 0oz6,350224
14lb 1oz6,379225
14lb 2oz6,407226
14lb 3oz6,435227
14lb 4oz6,464228
14lb 5oz6,492229
14lb 6oz6,520230
14lb 7oz6,549231
14lb 8oz6,577232
14lb 9oz6,605233
14lb 10oz6,634234
14lb 11oz6,662235
14lb 12oz6,690236
14lb 13oz6,719237
14lb 14oz6,747238
14lb 15oz6,776239
15lb 0oz6,804240
lb & ozgoz
15lb 1oz6,832241
15lb 2oz6,861242
15lb 3oz6,889243
15lb 4oz6,917244
15lb 5oz6,946245
15lb 6oz6,974246
15lb 7oz7,002247
15lb 8oz7,031248
15lb 9oz7,059249
15lb 10oz7,087250
15lb 11oz7,116251
15lb 12oz7,144252
15lb 13oz7,172253
15lb 14oz7,201254
15lb 15oz7,229255
16lb 0oz7,257256
16lb 1oz7,286257
16lb 2oz7,314258
16lb 3oz7,343259
16lb 4oz7,371260
lb & ozgoz
16lb 5oz7,399261
16lb 6oz7,428262
16lb 7oz7,456263
16lb 8oz7,484264
16lb 9oz7,513265
16lb 10oz7,541266
16lb 11oz7,569267
16lb 12oz7,598268
16lb 13oz7,626269
16lb 14oz7,654270
16lb 15oz7,683271
17lb 0oz7,711272
17lb 1oz7,739273
17lb 2oz7,768274
17lb 3oz7,796275
17lb 4oz7,824276
17lb 5oz7,853277
17lb 6oz7,881278
17lb 7oz7,910279
17lb 8oz7,938280
lb & ozgoz
17lb 9oz7,966281
17lb 10oz7,995282
17lb 11oz8,023283
17lb 12oz8,051284
17lb 13oz8,080285
17lb 14oz8,108286
17lb 15oz8,136287
18lb 0oz8,165288
18lb 1oz8,193289
18lb 2oz8,221290
18lb 3oz8,250291
18lb 4oz8,278292
18lb 5oz8,306293
18lb 6oz8,335294
18lb 7oz8,363295
18lb 8oz8,391296
18lb 9oz8,420297
18lb 10oz8,448298
18lb 11oz8,477299
18lb 12oz8,505300
lb & ozgoz
18lb 13oz8,533301
18lb 14oz8,562302
18lb 15oz8,590303
19lb 0oz8,618304
19lb 1oz8,647305
19lb 2oz8,675306
19lb 3oz8,703307
19lb 4oz8,732308
19lb 5oz8,760309
19lb 6oz8,788310
19lb 7oz8,817311
19lb 8oz8,845312
19lb 9oz8,873313
19lb 10oz8,902314
19lb 11oz8,930315
19lb 12oz8,958316
19lb 13oz8,987317
19lb 14oz9,015318
19lb 15oz9,043319
20lb 0oz9,072320